Cell-Con to Introduce 3-Axis CNC Slide Units for
Special Machine Systems at IMTS 2000

In another breakthrough for cost-effective CNC production, Cellular Concepts at IMTS 2000, Booth A-8369 will demonstrate a new, robust 3-axis, 30-hp CNC module designed for integration into systems for medium and high volume production. Called the 500 Frame System, the modules are built for heavy milling and feature a choice of spindle packages--horizontal, vertical, turret head or platen to accept a special spindle--large work area, extra-heavy cast base, and simple, rapid installation as a station in machining lines, dial machines or cells. The new range of CNC modules complements Cell-Con's existing line of H-15 CNC units.

"We believe we have taken the cost of production to new lows," said George Simon, Cell Con president. "Cost per piece as well as machine life cycle cost can be greatly reduced with the application of our new 500 Frame CNC module. And these modules are designed to make system reconfigurability an easily achievable reality."

The preengineered components may be combined by special builders and system integrators quickly and cost-effectively to produce a complete CNC machining system effectively tailored to provide precisely the machining capability required while reducing the engineering time and expense common to special machines.

The 10300-lb. 3-axis traveling column modules are designed to mount easily to existing machine bases for upgrading existing fixed station transfer systems or to be easily integrated into new systems. The 500 Frame comes with 6" hardened and ground ways, ribbed column casting, and 2.25" precision ballscrews in all axes. Available work envelopes begin at 21.5" X 21.5" X 23.5" (550 mm X 550 mm X 600 mm). A 32" (812 mm) cross-slide is optional.

The three spindle head options are:
   30-hp, 50-taper horizontal spindle
   10-hp vertical
   15-hp 6-position turret head with 3-sec. index for quick tool changes.
The module can also be provided without spindle installed, allowing the builder complete flexibility to install custom workheads for applications such as gauging, multi-spindle operations and more.

"Some machining system builders create their own CNC modules, but Cell Con can provide reconfigurable equipment with heavy machining capability for less cost," said Mr. Simon. "We supply plug-and-play units with all documentation on a just-in-time basis to integrators and special machine builders, and the cost-savings to them are substantial. It's the most cost-effective way for high-volume customers to apply CNC flexibility and transfer line productivity to their operations to produce nearly any part from pump housings to fittings to castings of all kinds, light alloys to cast iron," he added.

Up and running quickly.
Users can be up and running with the configurations of their choice in about half the time required with any other type of system, as these modules arrive pre-tested and fully certified for accuracy and capability, unlike most units of its type, translating into more production per employee per year at lower cost.

According to Mr. Simon, "We see traditional in-line and rotary transfer users asking for flexibility and reconfigurability in systems designed to produce more than 100,000 parts per year. Frequently, the right response to their need is based on 3-axis CNC machining modules. For the builder, readily available modules can reduce engineering and build times by a factor of two or more, thereby reducing costs. The system's modular design also permits reconfiguration of the system as product and volumes change in the future, thereby extending the life of these systems and lowering capital costs per part produced."

Full user support.
Cell Con provides a comprehensive user support program with its new modules. It will:
   provide fully qualified and documented machining modules, just-in-time, backed by the experience of nearly 800 of its original 400 Frame modules, Model H-15's, already in the field
   assure spare parts availability within 24 hours, in full support of the end user
   assist all customers to achieve the optimum application if its technology.

Simple maintenance, high durability.
Basic components, such as GE/FanucŪ controls, Vogel lubrication system, 20th Century precision ball screws, and a FEA-designed cast-iron structure, and field proven components assuring reliability, durability, and simple maintenance.

Cellular Concepts is a leading producer of flexible machining centers and machining modules for production machining applications.